Friday, May 11, 2012

My Favorite Lip Balms

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment- I originally received this as a birthday gift from Sephora and was hesitant about it because my friend who had it was not a huge fan.  Well Idk why she didn't love it but I sure did.  This lip balm that comes in six different colors, five of them are tinted and one is clear.  The tints are not overpowering, but very lightly pigmented and leave a thick layer of moisture that lasts for quite a long time, hours.

Baby Lips-These lightly tinted lip balms from Maybelline are one of my favorite products, period.  I love these. The color is very light, just a sheen but the sheen is beautiful.  The moisture that these balms I love this so much, desipte the childish packaging. There are 6 shades that all range between $3-4 and smell/taste amazing.

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm- I love this as a constant moisture renewing lip balm.  I love the egg shaped packaging and the flavors/smells are fantastic.  There are 5 fruity flavors and 1 minty one.  My favorites are the Strawberries and Cream and the Sweet Mint.  I always have one of these on my person and they are so fun to use and talk about.

Carmex- I had to include Carmex in this list as it is such a consistent and reliable brand of lipbalms.  These are great for when your lips are legitimately chapped and need some medicated treatment. These come in many different flavors and both stick and jar balms.  I prefer the stick balms as they tend to be more travel friendly, cheaper and more convenient.