Friday, January 11, 2013

No Buy Makeup Challenge Update-Week #1

As I said in my last post, I began a "No Buy Challenge" on January 1st and plan on going until March 31st... I know seems like forever.  I have really been looking at my life from a new perspective lately, for a lot of reasons I think, including how poor my finances have been and I've really been trying to cut back on excessive spending.  Well, while looking at this I have realized just how much money I have spent on makeup over the past year... and if I were to give it a rough guess I would probably guess around $1000. A $1000 dollars. There is no justification for that.  Now, that's not to say that I regret my purchases or that I am not in love with  my makeup, but rather I just cannot be okay with spending money like that on makeup when I'm in default on my student loans and am living with my parents... it's unacceptable.  Another thing I realized whilst surveying my life and specifically my makeup collection. I have so many products that I rarely ever use.... nice products that just get lost in the shuffle as well as products I spent good money on but didn't really love.

And so, all things considered,  I decided that I'm going to commit to not purchasing any make up products for 3 whole months. Last year I attempted a 10 pan challenge and failed epic-ly, it seemed daunting and scary to have to pick products to completely finish.  I also realized that I was rushing through, using more product than I normally would and was reaching for the same products every single day, which is not the point of the challenge that I'm doing this time. This time I want to work on appreciating the things that I have so that I don't find the need to constantly buy more.  I want to experiment with things that I haven't used much of in the past and try out some of the palettes that have been neglected due to having smaller more compact options. I want to really savor the "art" of using all the makeup I've purchased and make it worth it. Who knows, maybe I'll end up continuing it on for longer than 3 months.  But I'm not thinking that way yet.  Just want to be greatful for what I have now.

This week wasn't too hard actually, very surprising since I was in more than one Drugstore in the past 3 days and each time ended up with something in my hands.  But it was pretty easy to talk myself down from there and remember my goals.  I did buy my first Sigma brush, the E25 Blending Brush, with a gift card I recieved from my brother for Christmas.  Considering it wasn't my money, nor was it an actual "makeup product" I didn't feel too guilty, I've been needing to replenish a few of my brushes, my ELF Studio Brushes, though I love them they are starting to fall apart and so I'm slowly going to work on building up my set again but for now it was just that one 10 dollar splurge. Let's see what all the hype is about I guess lol.

Well I hope you are all having a wonderful and blessed 2013 so far!
And if any of you have completed a challenge similar to this one please comment with your tips!
Talk to you soon!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's a Wrap - 2012

Hey all,
So this year has been pretty big for me and I wanted to find a way to kind of wrap it up (hence the title) without just doing one of those "Best Products" tags that seem pretty generic. So instead I came up, with the help of a few questions from those tags, my own tag/questionaire about the year and made it pretty all inclusive rather than only doing it about beauty. I'm mostly doing this for myself to look back and reflect on but I hope that you all think about your own experiences in 2012 and maybe take some tips or suggestions from my experiences. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year


Best book you read in 2012? 
I read the Hunger Games in the early spring of this year and fell in love with the trilogy, the movie was good but nothing compared to the books, the best writing I've read in a long time. 

What was your best month? Worst month?

My family went on our first real, week long vacation in August of this year, and it was overall just a great month.  I left my job that I had been hating and it was just a good month, but then we had to drop my brother off in Kentucky for college and that was rough on us.  So it was kind of the best and the worst wrapped into one. 

What’s something you learned about yourself?

I learned that I'm really great at working with kids who are a little rough around the edges.  I also learned that I have a serious problem with spending money and need to marry rich or curb this problem. 

What is one thing you regret from this year?

I regret not going back to school. It's one of the things that is really holding me back in life, so it's on my to do list for this year. 

Did you have to go to the hospital? 

I actually don't think I went to the hospital at all in 2012, but I was there yesterday if that counts.

How did you earn your keep?

I spent the first 8 months of the year working at a home for kids who had expereienced severe trauma/neglect.  That was an amazing experience, I worked there for 2 years and it was a great place to grow and learn but they way it was run was  pretty ridiculous and I ended up exhausted and worn out.  When I left there I decided to take a hiatus and decide what I want to do in the end.  I have been nannying since September, which is a weird experience but the money is good and I'm learning a lot. I will probably stick with nannying until the end of the school year and work on getting back to school and finding a job as a teaching assistant/paraprofessional. 

What was your favorite movie?

I must say my favorite movie of 2012 was probably the Hobbit, although there were a few great ones, including Trouble with the Curve, Breaking Dawn (P. 2), Brave, The Campaign and the Hunger Games. 

What was your favorite song?

Favorite songs are always hard for me to pinpoint.  I loved Taylor Swift's new Album, Red. And my favorite song off of it was All Too Well. I also loved Gary Allan's Every Storm Runs Out of Rain. 

What was your proudest moment?

I paid off most of my credit card debt that I'd accrued over the years so that was pretty exciting for me. 

Beauty Related:
What was your favorite drugstore brand/product of 2012?
I think Maybelline took the drugstore by storm this year.  Between their variety of great mascaras, babylips and my all time favorite Color Tattoos, I seriously don't know what I would do without them.  My favorite product was definitely my Color Tattoo's. I love the white one most but also love the new pink and the long time bronze. 

What was your favorite fragrance of 2012?
I'm still in love with my Taylor Swift Wonderstruck fragrance. I also love Secret Wonderland and Forever Red from Bath and Body Works.

Most used beauty products of 2012? 
I must say that if I had to narrow it down to just a few items I used constantly in 2012 they would be the following: Babylips Lip Balm, my ELF Powder Brush, my Aussie Split End Cream and My Sonia Kashuk small powder brush.

5 best eye products of 2012?
Maybelline Color Tattoos
Prestige Total Intensity Eye Liner in Black
My ELF 32 pan palette in Warm
Revlon Carbon Black Collogen Mascara
Urban Decay Primer Potion

5 best face products of 2012?
This one is probably the hardest question, because I really don't use much face makeup. But here it goes. 
Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser 
Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Concealer.  
ELF high definition face powder
ELF mineral blush in Joy
Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

My 2013 Bucket List:
Complete a "No Buy Challenge" from now until March 30, 2013.  This is bound to be a challenge for me buttttt I need to use the products I have and save money.

Work on budgeting myself, save a few thousand before the end of summer. I need to get on track to being an adult, meaning less going out, more saving and making more safe and conscious choices. 

Go on a trip, somewhere I've never been. This has long been a goal of mine but it's really seeming like this might be there to do it.  I'm considering becoming and overseas Au Pair for a few months or just taking a trip somewhere with friends.

Get back to school.

Find a job in the education field. I really need to start  moving forward in my career, so this and going back to school go hand in hand, as I need the field experience and the classroom experience to become a certified teacher in MA.

Keep up with the blog!