Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hard Candy Review

Last week I went to Walmart for the first time in ages with the intention of picking up a trash bucket for my bedroom and a few shirts for my younger brother. I came out with 80 dollars worth of trash bucket, boys clothes, toys and of course... makeup.  I seriously have a problem.  Anyways, I noticed HardCandy and loved the amount of products and colors in their eyeshadow collection.  I tore myself away from eye makeup because I have WAY too much eye makeup and looked more towards their foundations, primers and concealers. I have been in the market for a new primer and that was my excuse for being in the cosmetic section in the first place, much to the annoyance of my 7 year old shopping partner.  I have used HardCandy Sheer Envy primer before, in their "illuminating" style and decided to purchase the normal finish primer.  I also bought their Just Face It One Step Foundation in the color light as well as their Nobody's Perfect Concealer Palette.

Lets Start With the Good:
Sheer Envy Primer-Original
-This primer is AMAZING.  I purchased it because I recently ran out of my ELF Mineral Infused Primer after only 2 weeks of use.  I wanted something that I didn't have to wait for shipping and that came in a bigger portion so as to not run out so fast.  For only $8 I am more than pleasantly surprised.  Adorable packaging, smooth moisturising finish and all day coverage make this product a 5 out of 5 for me.  One dime sized dollop is enough to cover your whole face and it buffs right into your face, diminishing the small lines and large pores that cover my face.  I don't think it changed the coverage of the makeup but I am sure that it helped my very sheer coverage foundation last all day.

And Onto the Not So Good:
Face It One Step Foundation- Light
-I have tried a lot of foundations in the past month or so. I've tried some for combination skin, some for dry skin, some heavy coverage and some light. This was the WORST foundation I have ever used.  It was think, oily and shiny.  It looked so cakey and no matter what I applied it with, under or over it just did not change its consistency and was returned 2 days later.

NoBody's Perfect Concealer Pallette- Fair
-I wont say I hated this palette, but it was not the quality that I had hoped for.  All of the concealers were too thin and none of the colours seemed to match my face well enough to conceal any imperfections.  I just overall did not enjoy this product at all.  Considering this was practically a 10 dollar product I could not bring myself to keep it while knowing that I could have found something of equal or greater quality from ELF.  So I returned it also.

Overall I found this shopping trip disappointing, especially considering I had been looking forward to trying HardCandy cosmetics so much for so long.   So I will be thankful for the Primer and sad about the rest but I will move on.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.  Feel free to comment below.


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