Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Giving into the Hype- New Product Haul

Hey guys, so this weekend I finally caved and purchased a few of the newer hyped up products that I haven't stopped hearing about. SO here are the products I purchased and my first impressions of them.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Cream Eye Shadows in the colors Tough as Taupe, Pomegranate Punk and Bad to the Bronze- $5.84 ea. at Walmart
Top-Bottom- Bad to the Bronze,
Pomagranate Punk, Tough as Taupe
Tough as Taupe- This is the only Matte Color I saw in the collection and is incredibly pigmented, goes on smooth and has a very cement like look to it.   I liked this color but it was not my favorite of the three.  It is very gray and I'm not a huge gray fan, I just don't think it compliments my complexion but I am sure I will make use of it.

Pomegranate Punk- This color was my favorite, a very wearable berry color with a beautiful satin finish.  It was a little more splotchy than the other two colors but I loved it just the same.

Bad to the Bronze- This was the most creamy of the three colors and it spreads so smoothly and perfectly onto the lid.  I used this as a base more than once and it is so amazing and works great with other colors overtop of it.
Stock Photo of Dream Bouncy Blush in Pink Plum

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in the color Pink Plum- $8.29 at CVS
I hateddddddd this blush and returned it this evening.  The color payoff was terrible.  The consistency of the product was very interesting but The product itself sucked.  There was no color, the product didnt spread and was not smooth at all. This is the worst of the products I purchased and I will not be trying any more of these products but do hope to try other cream/mouse blushes in the hopes that they would be better pigmented.

Sorry for the lighting!

Hard Candy Take it Off Makeup Remover- $5.00 at Walmart
This may be the best makeup remover I have ever used.  For years I relied soley on cold cream for makeup removing and I really liked the way it instantly reliveed your face but became frustrated with how it made my skin, particularly my eye area feel after using it.  This creamy product is very similar in consistency but does not leave the heavy grease feeling that I had experienced with the cold cream.  I love that is a lotion and that it is specifically formulated for erasing "glitter, waterproof and long lasting products", as these titles are on most of my favorite products and liquid makeup removers never seem to be able to completely remove them.

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream in Light/Medium- $10.00 at CVS 
B.B Cream in Light to Medium
Okay so we know that there's a huge trend spreading through the beauty world surrounded the B.B Creams that have come out recently.  I had been hearing a lot about them and wanted to find a cheap alternative to try, especially with summer coming up.  I work in a pretty high activity job and need to use makeup that won't be too heavy, wear off through the day or melt if I'm in the heat but I also need some coverage.  I looked around at the different high end B.B. creams but I didn't want to spend 30+ dollars on a cream I wasnt even sure I would like.  I love my foundation combination that I have been using lately and I didn't want to commit to another product.  So I picked up this cream when I saw it at my local CVS the other day and have been LOVING it so much the last week or so. It gives this awesome dewy look and sheer enough that you can see all of my freckles but enough coverage that it helps to even out my skintone.  I use this with my Covergirl/Olay Concealer and they match together so well that it's just straight up gorgeous!

Overall aside from the horrible blush I am super satisfied with my purchases and hope that you find these mini reviews useful and helpful.

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