Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monday Questionnaire

1.) Mood: Sleepy and kind of frustrated with work

2.) Are there any spring trends you're loving this year? Any you're hating?: Loving all the corals and mint greens that are out there but nothing I'm particularly hating

3.) Do you like to cook? Meh mood dependant, I like to bake more than cook.

4.) Current nail polish: Sally Hansen xTreme in the color Lime Lights. 

5.) What is something you are excited about at the moment?: Easter and possibly 
visiting my baby cousin.

6.) Current outfit: My work uniform, aka sweats and a tshift.

7.) Are you a heavy or light sleeper?: Usually a heavy sleeper unless I am particularly on edge.

8.) What size handbag do you prefer?: Big, usually big enough to fit a small notebook/agenda and my makeup bag.

9.) Do you like karaoke?: Meh, I like watching it but nothing really.

10.) Weekly goals: This week I hope to take some time to remember and reflect on why my job is so important and why I am so important to the children I work with. 

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