Sunday, March 11, 2012

Additional Project Pan Products

Hey all!
So I went through my entire collection today and added some products to my P10P so it's more like a P16P now.  The rules are to remain the same though, I just found some new products I would like to try to finish up for various reasons.

Here are the added products:

  1. Beauty Rush Baked Eyeshadow in the color Gold Rush- I have had this product for probably around a year and really want to finish it off and just remove it from my collection.  I like this product but have a lot of very similar colored eyeshadows. 
  2. Wet n Wild ColorIcon Baked Eyeshadow in the color Fiery- Love this color, it's very mauvy and shimmery I would just like to try to use it more mostly. 
  3.  Nuance by Selma Hyack Lights.Camera.Action Eye Trio- This is such a handy product that comes with a cream eyeshadow, eye brightener and eye liner in one stick.  I bought this product a few months ago before I discovered E.LF. and just really want to remember this more and continue to use it.  
  4. NYC Metro Quartet Eye Shadow in Lexington Luxury-I have 3 of these in different shades and this is my least favorite color combination.  I dont hate it but it's really boring so I just want to get rid of it without wasting money. 
  5. E.L.F Studie Single Eyeshadow in Butter Cream-This is probably my least favorite E.L.F probduct.  The color is a yellowish cream color and it is very chalky.  I received this in an E.L.F free gift package and don't want to just waste it. 
  6. E.L.F. HyperShine Lipgloss in the color Flirt- I have like 4 of these products because E.L.F. always sends them as a free gift and I often neglect to use lipglosses. 
  7. E.LF. Eyelid Primer in Sheer- I have accumulated a ton of eyelid primers and just want to use this one up. 
All of My Project Pan Products
I also decided to remove my Mac PaintPot from the original list because it is so expensive I really don't want to burn through it, I want it to last..  I'm not really sure why I originially included it anyway because it's neither something I want to finish off or use more of. 

I will post a list on the right side of the blog of all the items I am including in the P16P and will cross them off as I finish them. 

Thanks for reading and post again soon!

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