Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Review- Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Lipgloss

pH Matchmaker Lipgloss in Light Pink

OMG this stuff is friggin' amazing.  At first when this application is clear and shimmery with no scent or taste.  It has a great glossy appearance and very little glitter. The packaging is beautiful and classy, black and pink with a built in light and mirror.  Within the first 60 seconds of wear the color of this gloss completely changes from a clear gloss with a light pink undertone to a bright pink gloss.  The change is radical and beautiful. I was immediately in love with this gloss.  I love bright pinks but they often are too bright for me, this one is perfect. It is dark enough that it suits me but bright enough that it'still fun and completely wearable. To be utterly honest, I do not buy the whole "changing with the pH of your body" thing, as I have had other people try it on and it always seems to change to that same bright pink glossy shade with just a hint of shimmer and a perfect amount of shine.  

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