Friday, March 23, 2012

Review Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Blush and Bronzer

Blush and Bronzer Compact
In my last post I gave ya'll my opinions on the new PF pH Matchmaker lipgloss. Well in the last week I have most definitely failed at my project pan and purchased both the blush and bronzer from CVS at 40% off and each product had a 3 dollar off coupon on top of the sale. Well these products are most definitely worth breaking my project pan promise. Both of these products have the same packaging which is super cute.  The only complaint I have is that it is really bulky and gives the impression of there being a lot more product than actually comes in the product.  The bronzer has more product than the blush does which is sad for me because I only use a tiny bit of bronzer but the blush is SO pigmented that I am sure it will last quite a while
Brush and Bronzer with mirror
and my silly face!!!

Brush and Bronzer Swatches
after 60 seconds.
I love these colors. The blush starts as a very light pink and brightens on my skin to a very bright pink fun color blush that actually looks very natural on the apples of my cheeks when blended out.  The bronzer is a little dark for me but I know I'll be darker during the summer... well my freckles will connect during the summer, creating an illusion of darkness. I don't notice the bronzer changing color on my skin but it is a nice glow to being with. There is a little more shimmer in both products than I love but that is okay. 
Blush and Bronzer without glare or my face!

Overall I love both of these products, they are super cute and very pigmented and I love them so much.  

The amount of Blush in the container
Hope this review was helpful and please follow, comment and come back!!! 
The amount of Bronzer in the container. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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