Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: E.L.F. Eye Transformer Palette

Hello All!,
So today I am going to give a review/tutorial on the E.L.F. Eye Transformer Palette.  This is a $3 product available on  Just to give you all some background information about how I ended up with this product and what it is.  A month or two ago I placed a E.L.F order and had a coupon code for a whole bunch of extra products and one of them was this product. I will include pictures and swatches below but this is essentially a small black pallet with 4 rectangular powders, a small brush and a rectangular mirror.  I never really understood what it was for because the colors were all very similar, very shimmery and all very light pastels.  Then one day I was watching a n E.L.F. Haul video by xoemilygracexo on youtube and in the related videos sidebar there was a video about this product and I finally figured out how fabulous this product really is!

So here is how you use it:
  1. You apply your eye makeup as you would normally. 
  2. Apply your eyeliner; pencil, gel or liquid in a neutral tone- black, white and brown
  3. Use a precision shadow brush or liner brush to apply any 1 of the 4 tones of the Eye Transformer
  4. Watch your normal colored eye liner turn to a beautiful shimmery toned liner

So yes I am in love with this amazing product and suggest everyone goes to the E.L.F. site and buys themselves one of these products because the outcome is astounding!

Here are the pictures//swatches... ENJOY!!!:

This is what the palette looks like. The colors are from left to right-  green, copper, pink and  purple
The green was broken when I received it but it was free so its ok!

Swatches after Transformer
White Eye Liner Swatches- Before Eye Transformer

Swatches after Transformer

Black Eye Liner Swatches- Before Eye Transformer

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