Friday, March 9, 2012

My Project 10 Pan

Hey All! So I realized I have been really gluttonous about my makeup collection in the past month and need to pull in the reigns. So I decided to start my own "Project 10 Pan".  I am so nervous about this project because I am literally addicted to makeup but I love these products that I have picked so I am not worried about this because the last few months I have definitely been hoarding makeup.  I have bought everything in sight without thinking about how much I was spending.  So here it goes! For those of you who don't know a "Project Pan" is when you go on a makeup/beauty product buying strike until you finish "X" amount of products.  I will be hitting pan on 10 products.

As of tonight the following rules apply:
  • To add a product to my finished "Pan" list, I have to use up the entire thing. Like as in throwing it in the trash barrel kind of finished. Dead.
  • I may slip up if I find something limited edition, one of a kind, and a product that I know I will regret passing up. I will probably just keep it in the box until I'm done with this project. Then it will be like a little reward for finishing! 
  • Building off of the previous rule, if I see something on a major sale or if ELF has a major deal I will buy the product but it will remain in it's packaging until the product pan is over.  I will also let all of my readers know if this happens so I can be kept accountable. 
  • If I receive any giftcards or CVS extrabucks I will use them.  The point of this is to spend less money, not downsize.
Here are my products:
  • E.L.F. Complexion Perfection Powder- I love this product so much and use it constantly.  It's only $3 dollars from and I will be starting a brand new one for this product.
  • Sephora Mineral Matte Touch Up Powder- I just bought this product last week and it's a great setting powder. So smooth!!
  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Nude Palette-  The colors in the palette are beautiful and I use them all the time.  It is very versitile and the shadows are all beautifully creamy.
  • Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes- This is my everyday mascara and this is a fairly new product so finishing it will take a while. 
  • Sephora Jumbo 12hr Waterproof Liner in White- I use this everyday for innercorner brightening but I have a whole bunch of innercorner pencils so I would like to continue with this one. 
  • E.L.F Mineral Eye Liner in Black- Again I use this pencil almost every day.  It is a great waterline color and the pigmentation and staying power are amazing!
  • MAC PaintPot in Rubenesque- This will be my most difficult product to hit pan on because I only use a tiny bit per use.
  • E.L.F. Cover Everything Concealer in Corrective Yellow- This is a great undereye concealer.
  • Hard Candy Sheer Envy Illuminating Primer-  This stuff is great but I have the regular one that I prefer so this is the only product I am trying to Pan to get rid of rather than just throwing out my money. 
  • E.L.F Minty Lip Gloss in Seattle- Clear, shimmery, minty, GOODNESS!
Yep so that's it! If anyone has every done a product pan or a makeup diet please let me know any tips you used for curbing the desire to buy buy buy. LOL. Thanks for reading and Ill be back soon!

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